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Classes are $15 a night or $120 for a concession card of 10 classes.

We realise that life can get in the way sometimes so there is no obligation for you to turn up to a minimal amount of classes per week or fixing you into a long term contract.

Classes are held Tuesday night 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

We have four instructors in the club, and will endeavour to have two instructors on the floor for every class. If you have any questions about a technique or a scenario please feel free to ask. We will try and figure it out and if we’re stumped, we’ll ask the other instructors in the IKI network for help.

Held at the North Shore YMCA, Akoranga drive, Northcote, less then a minute from the Esmonde Rd Off-ramp.
There is free parking at the front of the premises with additional free parking next door at the Fox Outlet store.

There will be opportunities for us to leave the classroom and go outside into a different environment and see how the environment can change our dynamics.

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